The amazing world of installations of Kris Kuksi is a collaboration of the soul and imagination of the artist.
A difficult childhood far from civilization, on the farm in Texas. surrounded by a large and gloomy family, the toys found under your feet: bricks, sticks, rags and all that can be found in an old abandoned barn, alienation from family and isolation, have all contributed to the fact that the psyche of Chris Cooksey has been shaken, and boundless imagination has spawned a myriad of fantastic worlds.
It is in these worlds he found shelter, and power over fictional realities helped to gain confidence in their abilities.
Having received art education, Chris begins to visualize their grotesque fantasies, which reflects the depravity and monstrous ugliness of the modern world, and shows in a metaphorical form way of salvation from the seemingly imminent Apocalypse.
With installations of Kris Kuksi noticeable influence of the periods of Baroque and Rococo, but the artist himself does not hide the admiration, speaking of this epoch of art development. Exactly fussy ornateness of the images, characteristic of Baroque and Rococo works gives Chris a unique look voluminous lace fabric.
According to the artist, honour, courage, generosity and love, as well as rare, but still existing reasonable use life and the earth’s resources are those feet, which still held the life of our planet.

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