Karol Nienartowicz, a 29-year-old photographer from Poland. He was born in Elena Gureb a small town in the south-western part of the country and now lives in Gdansk.

“I still remember one special day in the summer of 2003, when my mother took me to my first mountain trip. I saw this heart-breathing beauty of the mountains, and I quickly wanted to share this feeling with other people! So, I took my camera on the next trip. From this moment I took pictures of the mountains, combining photos with my great passion for travel.”

Spends several tens of days a year hiking in the mountains, during which I overcome up to 1000 miles of trails. Visited and photographed more than 20 European countries.

He photographed the Polish, Slovak, Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians, the Alps in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Germany and Slovenia, the mountains of Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia and the Scottish Grampian.

His greatest passion is photographic expeditions to the highest European mountains – the Alps. During these wild trips, he sleeps in a tent, which he always places in places with outstanding landscapes, often remote and inaccessible, where he can photograph sunrises and sunsets. Try to avoid crowded places and popular routes.

“For the first time I stayed in a tent in 2009 during a trip with my friend in Rodney in Romania. One night the temperature dropped to -10 degrees Celsius, and that night we experienced a heavy snowfall and a gusty wind. However, I was not afraid. I liked it, and after I returned from this trip, I bought my own tent.”